MERINO Urban Sock - Snowgum

MERINO Urban Sock - Snowgum

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What are they?

Your solution to cold feet (literally, not figuratively). 

Why do I need them?

Having cold feet can put a serious dampener on, well, a lot of things. Our urban sock bravely combats this problem (go socks!) by being a wonderful light-weight merino option - suitable for business, casual, dress or whatever shoes you wear on the daily. (...Except probably thongs). 

They are made primarily of Aussie merino, designed to keep your feet odour-free, completely comfortable, and toasty warm in a dry-breathable way.

PS. Our merino is pre-treated, meaning you can machine wash these guys without any nightmarish shape loss results! Woo! 


  • Comfortable cuff
  • Wicking mesh upper
  • Smooth heel and toe seams
  • Nylon reinforced heel and toe

Material: 68% Merino Wool, 31% Nylon & 1% Elastane Weight: 90g Sizes: are in UK / Australian

Note that these socks have a stripe down the left side of both socks - this is to avoid a left and right so they don't get mixed up in the wash. Due to some customer concerns over this, in future we will move the stripe to the back of the sock... but for now, this is how they are... if you can't cope with a single sided stripe please don't order these...! :)


RRP $24.95

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