WILDO OCY Cutlery Set
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WILDO OCY Cutlery Set

SKU: 226683P

New from Wildo - flexible cutlery set OCY (outdoor cutlery set) made of 70% plant-based material. 

The set consists of a knife, fork and spoon that are stored by putting all the parts together into one unit and easily disassembled when it's time to eat. The spoon can also be extended. Perfect for storing in Wildo's lunch boxes.

Details :

Weight: 31 g / set

Length: 17.5 cm

Material: 70% plant-based polyamide (PA) EcoPaxx

FSC-labeled packaging

Made in Sweden


    • Petrol
    • Raspberry
    • Bamboo
    • Olive
    • Dark Grey
RRP $34.95

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