SNOWGUM Ultra Light Travel Umbrella

SNOWGUM Ultra Light Travel Umbrella

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What is it?

Your solution to either carrying around a bulky umbrella or getting caught in the rain.

Why do I need it?

While we don’t need to sell you on the importance of an umbrella, we can absolutely sell you on the benefits of a Snowgum one.

This umbrella is extremely lightweight, fabulously compact and brilliant. It's bendable to avoid damage in strong winds, and comes with a stuff sack to make sure the inside of your bag doesn't get wet when you're on the move (so long as you actually use that stuff sack, of course!). 

An umbrella is an essential for both travel and day-to-day, and this Snowgum umbrella means you never have to go without. 


  • Generous stuff sack with draw cord to pack wet umbrella (large enough to fit umbrella easily)Rubberised grip handle
  • 90cm diameter protection from the rain and sun
  • Ultra compact: telescopic design packs down to 17cm long x 5cm diameter (to fit in a handbag!)
  • Designed to invert & collapse in strong winds to avoid breakage, easily able to be popped back into shape

Fabric: Lightweight coated polyester Canopy Frame: 6 ribs - Aluminium, steel and fibreglass Canopy Coverage: 90cm Total Weight in stuff sack: 185 grams 


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