SNOWGUM ThermaBods - Polypro L/S Crew Kids CLEARANCE
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SNOWGUM ThermaBods - Polypro L/S Crew Kids CLEARANCE

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What are they? 

Your solution to most things. 

Why do I need them? 

Thermals are the dream base layer. Seriously. They’re breathable, warm and keep moisture away from your skin. You can fall into a river with them on, stay warm while you're in there, and get out in a near-dry state. And that's because they retain warmth when wet, and the fibre itself doesn't actually absorb any water. (We know, right!). 

But they're not limited to unplanned swimming trips. They'll keep you warm in all sorts of scenarios. Walk, hike, canoe, sail, sleep, backflip in them. They'll even keep you 5 degrees warmer in your sleeping bag. They've got you sorted. 

However, if you’re planning on wearing it for a few days on end, you better check out our merino options as polypropylene can get a bit on the nose. (A good 65 degree wash is the only thing that will fix that). 


  • Polypropylene is breathable and doesn’t absorb moisture while still retaining heat
  • Rib knit with crew neck and flat lock stitching
  • Super quick to wash and dry
  • Elasticated at cuffs

Fabric: 100% Polypropylene  Fabric Weight: 190gsm  Fit: Slim  Weight: 175g Care: Click here for care instructions

Approximate Age Sizing:

Kids Small (KS) ages 4-6

Kids Medium (KM) ages 6-8

Kids large (KL) ages 8-10


    • Black
    • Blue Stripe
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