Short Sleeve Cotton Travel Shirt CLEARANCE
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Short Sleeve Cotton Travel Shirt CLEARANCE

SKU: 226000P

What is it?

Your solution to needing a shirt that can handle travel (with a bitta style). 

Why do I need it? 

Functionality does NOT have to come at the expense of good looks. And that’s exactly what the Snowgum Cotton Travel Shirt is here to prove. This shirt is slick, stylish and comes in a range of colours. But, it also just so happens to be lightweight, durable, UPF, and wonderfully quick-drying. It’s as suited to transit and long walks exploring a new city as it is to a nice meal out. So, congrats! You've found it: the best-of-both-worlds travel shirt that you (and your travel partner) having been searching for for years. 

After a pair of shorts to match? Check out the Cohen Travel Shorts. 


  • UPF
  • Durable, lightweight & quick-drying
  • Chest pocket

Material: 100% cotton Weight: 150g 


    • Lt Blue Check
    • Navy/Black
    • Denim S/S Shirt
    • Maroon S/S Shirt
RRP $59.95

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